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Circle Wellness Academy talks WBFF with Pro Rachel Fabrizio

We are beyond excited to share this interview with Rachel Fabrizio. She is some women, a BA (Hons) graduate in Philosophy and Sociology, a career woman in her own right, one half of the Fabrizio power couple and a WBFF Pro.

Rachel brings her natural beauty and authenticity to this interview as she talks candidly about the journey as a WBFF Pro and what helps or hinders throughout the process. Whether you are considering a personal body transformation, WBFF competition, a nutrition coach, or PT looking to take on transformation clients - this interview will really make you think.

We take you back to where it all began 8 years ago at the first photo shoot:

'this stuff is hard, it takes blood, sweat and the occasional tear'

Clean Fitness Apparel

(I actually think they should make another run of this shirt!)

Rachel articulates what she has observed in the coaching arena both in a positive and challenging space, she emphasises what has helped her personally, but also draws out the fact we are all different humans and simply 'one size fits all' will not work here. Rachel talks about education and how coaches of WBFF athletes really do need to be at the top of their game and evolving with continuous learning and development. Watch the interview here:

If you are interested in where to start Circle Wellness Academy offers a Level 3 Award in Nutrition and Exercise Performance. Check it out here or please do connect with us if you would like to know more:

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