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Take a deep breath..... because this number is probably not what you expect it to be. According to 'indeed' the average personal trainer salary in England is £27,532.

There is a word here we want you to pay attention to - the 'average'. And this is why how you learn, qualify and apply yourself as a PT is so important, because we want you to be more than average.

Let's learn how the average happens and yes this is an English stat and if you are in the Islands you can probably add a little on top. But fundamentally the principle is the same so stay with us.

Here's the Maths

As a PT you will receive an income as either a salary from a gym/private client, or you will receive an hourly fee for your services. Let's crunch the numbers and run on 5 clients per day, 5 days a week at £35 per hour for your session.


5 x 5 x 35 = £875 per week

£45,500 per annum

Looking good so far .... income is looking solid. But how hard is it to fill 5 hours a day of clients which is in one of the most competitive industries? Pretty tough - we have been there and it doesn't just land at your feet. So let's think about some social media marketing to let those clients know what you do and get them on board.

Social Media Cost

£50 per week? £2600 per annum

Premises Cost

Then you have your gym fee to train your clients from. This can vary tremendously but a high street gym we know charges £500. per month (£6000 per annum) and this is pretty normal. So now lets look at what this does to our annual income

Net Position (Before Tax)

£45,500 - £2600 - £6000 = £36,900

While the numbers are showing above average what we are experiencing more and more is the lack of confidence in PT's as the competition in the industry hots up. If you are

* Confident in your service

* Marketing well

* Investing time in your clients

* Providing good social media content

The numbers above are absolutely achievable.

But think about what we are seeing in social media at the moment (sound familiar?)

* 12 sessions for the price of 10 (2 Sessions Free - that is two hours of your time you are not making money on)

* Free try before you buy session (1 free - that is one hour of your time you are not making money on)

* Bring a friend for free

We don't have to crunch the numbers to know that this will decrease your income and with the same costs result in an overall poorer position.

So how can we help you

1) Be above average in your earnings

2) Not have to rely on gimmicks to 'sell' your services

For part 1 the advice is simple.... diversify. Many people will fit PT in around their work schedule and you will have many quiet times. Learn a new skill to bridge the gap in these down times. Sports Massage Therapy or Nutrition are the perfect complimentary skill. Many gyms will have a therapy room you can use, and many gyms will have clients who need therapy! If you can suddenly increase your clients from 5 to 8 with an addition of massage clients your are nearly doubling your income.

And as for the 2nd question. We can help you in two ways.

Firstly up-skill you to such a high standard that you will not have to fear the competition around you. And secondly take you on the Business Consultancy course which will coach you on how to market and grow your business without the need for reducing the value of your offering.

Come and talk to us, I want to help!


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