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How Much Does it Cost to Qualify as a Personal Trainer?

While there is a pounds and pence answer to this question (which we will answer at the end) we wanted to be a little more macro in our response recognising we are not the only provider out there.

So how much does it really cost? Well...... it depends. Here are some thoughts for consideration.

When you make the decision to become a Personal Trainer you will undoubtedly research online and might put in searches like:

  1. ‘How to choose a PT course’

  2. ‘Personal Trainer Courses Near Me’

  3. ‘Personal Trainer Course Providers’

  4. ‘Personal Trainer Courses Online’

You might even put in 'discounted Personal Trainer courses' if you are on a budget and that is completely understandable.

However we have to share that we have students who have gone with a great offer and then experienced one or more of the following:

* The qualification isn't a recognised body and so when they have gone on to work at gyms or fitness centers, they are turned down due to the lack of affiliation

* Inaccessible providers where receiving an answer to an email or an ask for help is not responded to for elongated periods of time

* The company has paused qualification due to travel restrictions and impacts caused by the Pandemic

While you are likely to be thoughtful on price ‘value for money’ is so important.. As a student there are some questions we would encourage you to ask your provider:

  1. What level of tuition will I receive - 1:1/group/online only?

  2. How long will I have to wait for a response to my emails/telephone calls?

  3. Is the qualification I am undertaking affiliated by a regulated body?

  4. Am I able to qualify during the restrictions caused by the Pandemic?

  5. Is there an option to stagger my payments if I need to?

At Circle Wellness Academy we are regulated by Active IQ an outstanding awarding body who partner us with thought and professionalism. We work with you on placing a deposit, and then subsequent installments which are affordable to you.

Please do read the trust pilot reviews to learn how hands on the team are:

Adapting to Covid-19 Circle Wellness Academy currently offers online one on one coaching with your own portal and your own fitness login/study active student zone.

In terms of pounds and pence: £2000 £1200 £700

If you would like to know more please drop us a line, we would love to talk to you.

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