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How Much Study Time to Qualify as a Personal Trainer?

As we welcome students onto the courses we learn that they are undertaking the qualification through many different walks of life.

Full-Time Students: College graduates who absolutely know this is the path they want to take and desire to qualify as quickly as possible

Career Changers: Covid-19 really did bring a lot of students through the door who had reflected and decided a change of career path was needed. They completed the Personal Training qualification while still working in their existing job

Gym Reception Colleagues: Already in the gym environment but motivated to take the next step into qualification so they can step up as Personal Trainers

The Academic Students: Not looking to start a Personal Training career, but desire to know more about anatomy, physiology and nutrition. Perhaps an athlete or genuinely interested in learning and education.

Whatever your personal circumstance, the qualification study time has to fit in with your current lifestyle caveating that it will need commitment.

There are minimum expectations of any credible Personal Training course - Circle Wellness Academy is affiliated by Active IQ and they monitor our company to ensure we are maintaining high standards. This includes sampling of students where we would demonstrate consistently:

  • Scheduled study time with your tutor

  • Completion of your online Portfolio

  • Mock and Invigilated Exams

  • In Person Assessments

This is not something that can be 'winged' and you will be put through your paces to ensure your understanding is robust.

So how quickly can you complete? For Level 2 award in Gym Instructing you could complete in 6 weeks, for Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training you are looking closer to 12 weeks.

But the reality is this is very flexible, with an end date of 2 years expiry! We would encourage you to talk to us about what would work for learning timeframe and we can help create a plan to keep you on track. Please do drop Danny a line at - he would be delighted to set up a call with you and take you through it.

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