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It's More Than Just a Physical Journey

At Circle Wellness Academy we offer our students more than a qualification, we support their journey as they move into the fitness and wellbeing industry. Competition for Personal Trainers is high, and with a low barrier to entry it can be daunting as you launch your brand and business. We have spent time gaining valuable insight which our Circle Wellness Academy students have full access to.

Here is one video we would like to share. No matter where you are on your Personal Training journey - qualification, new to industry or established, Terri's story is well worth listening to. And because it feels the right thing to do here is THE red dress we talk about. The insight Terri shares might surprise you, we welcome your feedback and comments on the blog.

Adapting to Covid-19 Circle Wellness Academy currently offers online one on one coaching with your own portal and your own fitness login/study active student zone. If you would like to know more about Personal Training study please drop us a line, we'd love to chat and will arrange a call.


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