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Have you ever asked your PT if they are qualified? If not here are some reasons why you might want to consider the conversation...

Many gyms will not allow a Personal Trainer to be on the gym floor without the appropriate qualifications. We have many conversations with individuals who are begrudgingly having to undertake the certificate to be allowed to work and here are the list of statements we often receive in the initial conversation

* I have been doing the 'gym' for years, I know what I'm doing

* I'm a fitness model - look at how great I look, I can show clients how to do this

* I've read about it and watched You Tube Channels of the great PT's - I'm good

* I'm shadowing great PT's - I will learn from them

And yet the reality is, when these students come with us they realise there is a heck of a lot they don't know, and actually some things they won't have thought of.

Many many years ago Jo and I went to the CrossFit games in Carson California. We knew this was going. to be a trip of a lifetime and hanging around some very 'in shape' athletes. We decided we wanted to take our nutrition and training to the next level in a very specific way. There are a couple of options we could have taken:

* I had started working in the fitness industry and was undertaking my qualifications, therefore we could use some of my knowledge

* Looked on the internet at some 'plans' and hoped it would work for us

* Spend time with someone who we knew had undertake significant qualifications AND has experience in this field.

We are so glad we took the time to work with Gianni Fabrizio who had the in depth experience and qualification to help us.... why?

* While they looked amazing, they also had the knowledge and expertise on how to make this work for every individual. It wasn't just what 'worked for them' - it was having the ability to translate that into 'what would work for their client'

* When things didn't go to plan immediately, there was the experience on 'how to make adjustments' Lets try it differently or approach it in a new way

* There was the skillset in communication and feedback

Your Personal Trainer is no different.

* What they will learn on this course cannot be learned from You Tube.

* While they may look amazing this potentially could be one dimensional in that they only know how to programme what works for them.

* While they will pick up excellent 'snippets' from more established PT's this is no replacement to understanding basic nutrition and anatomy.

* While they have disciplined gym sessions this doesn't mean they will know how to effectively programme for somebody else.

And most importantly, what if you have something that needs paying attention to in terms of a medical condition.... The Personal Training cert gives you some good insight on working with this.

On a more serious point, during the qualification, Personal Trainers will be assessed on:

* how they coach,

* how they pick up dangerous situations,

* how they intervene quickly when someone is lifting too much weight or lifting poorly.

All of this prevents injury and ensures most importantly that you are safe and healthy.

Finally - at Circle Wellness Academy we believe in teaching some of the softer skills that many clients really want. Please see our interview with Terri who talks about her journey as a client of Personal Trainers.

If you would like to know more about our course you can find it here or as always please drop me a line and delighted to chat with you more.


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