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'The Why' has become such a phenomena we wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on what it means within our businesses.

The You Tube video 'Starting with why' by Simon Sinek has almost 9 Millions views alongside his best selling paperback book. If you haven't seen the video you can check it out here

So why are we talking about it today? Because it is basic brilliance and the encouragement to think differently is as relevant now as it was in 2009 when the video first aired.

Here is a neat summary of what we mean when we say 'The Why'. This is not about your product, your cost, your buy one get one free offer, your delivery........ this is about why you do what you do.

Before Circle Wellness Academy was launched we completed our market research to see who our competitors were in the industry, it was insightful. Did you know one of the most searched phrases on google for this industry is 'how can I qualify as a personal trainer for free' or 'how can I qualify as a personal trainer fast'

If you actually google these phrases you are met with an abundance of Personal Trainer courses which guarantee your 'qualification' within the week. The cost ranged but started as low as £100. How is this possible? Literally a head in hands moment!

This caused a lot of debate at Circle Wellness Academy as simply on price alone the barrier to entry into this industry was too high. Did we believe enough in what we were offering to continue on our path?

There was never any doubt in our mind. Circle Wellness Academy is not a 'get qualified quick' programme. It will never 'give you the answers' to speed you through the exam. It will never be the cheapest and will always ensure students are held accountable to meeting the benchmark and standards of Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists and Nutritionists that we want to be proud of. But what Circle Wellness Academy will do is offer personalised 1:1 coaching (as many calls as you need throughout the course), we will always be responsive to your texts, emails or calls and we will ensure the quality of our teaching is exceptional with supporting materials to be the very best in your industry. If you don't believe us check out here

We hold ourselves to an exceptionally high standard, further supported by our awarding body Active IQ who are the best in industry.

Circle Wellness Academy is not for everyone. But we remain strong in our 'why' - we simply want to support our students every step of the way so we can help them put their best foot forward both in technical capability but also business mindset.

Take a moment to think about your 'why' - write it down and read it every day. Because there are times when you will need to take yourself back to it and remind yourself why you do what you do. Being an entrepreneur is not always easy, and keeping your vision and values at the forefront is what will help you shine.


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