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Why be a Personal Trainer?

We are doing a 3 part blog to answer some of the most common questions we are asked by our students before they start on their learning journeys.

Question 1: Why be a Personal Trainer?

The most common reasons why students start looking into this and some may resonate:

* Love fitness and working out, current work (perhaps an office job) just gets in the way of time at the gym

* Want to help other people - feel like they are a good motivator and have a passion to supporting others achieve their goals

* Want to know more about the anatomy of the body, understand pathways and how nutrition can affect this

* Want to be a Personal Trainer in the sun in Marbella with a great Instagram account and potentially famous clients

* Want to make lots of money

Actually any of the reasons above could be viable for starting your learning journey. There are probably some secondary points we would throw in there and encourage you to think about as social media can make the job look incredibly glamourous!

Personal Training is a highly competitive industry and will need resilience. If you are looking to undertake the qualification to become a Personal Trainer are you ready to:

1) Stand out from the crowd

2) Work while others aren't (evenings/weekends/5am)

3) Never compromise your quality of support, no matter how tired you are feeling

4) Be accessible, both physically and mentally (you can learn more about this on the previous blog

The great news is our team are here and ready to talk you through what may be your next amazing opportunity. The team have been Personal Trainers which means they have 'walked in your shoes' and this ensures they are not telling you the 'theory' - they are talking from experience.

Drop Danny a line at and he would be delighted to arrange a call with you.

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