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We are going to share one principle in this blog which will help you on your journey, here is a scenario (sound familiar?)

As you watch your client giving it their all in a work out you have programed, you look at your watch and think 'better wrap this up, next client due'. What an incredible feeling to know your diary is full which fundamentally means money is in the bank. Whilst authentic in our 'passionate about work - don't just do it for the money' statements, we do have to ensure that our business is commercially viable.

For the next few weeks everything is perfect on your diary and so you focus on your clients giving them an excellent service. However you start to notice over time the diary is becoming quieter. All legitimate reasons, one client finished their sessions and with their finances tighter didn't want to continue at this time. One client reached their target goals and felt they could now do it on their own. One client moved away..... and suddenly you feel like you have gone from 'hero to zero' as suddenly you are starting from the very beginning again to build your portfolio of clients back up. We all know this takes time, so how can we ensure that we don't fall into this trap of complacency?


"The key to gaining a solid client base is as simple and as hard as being consistent with your offering."

Think about what you do as your business is forming:

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Promotions

  • Proactive Engagement with potential clients

  • Community Engagement

  • Marketing Spend

  • Looking at the competition

At the outset you will probably have a plan on how your acquisition is going to be undertaken and quite structured in your approach. However as your diary becomes busy you feel the cost of advertising is not needed, and the time in posting on social media does not need to be given. But this approach will inevitably put you on the back foot if/when you have a bare diary. You will suddenly launch a bunch of campaigns and try all sorts of offers (which will devalue your offering BTW) - and quite honestly that desperation will come across and deter potential new clients.

The key is to view your time and expenditure into your company profile as an investment and not a cost. Your aim should always be to have a full diary plus a waiting list.

On a practical level how do you do this?

Firstly do all of the above bullet points consistently - not only when you want new clients. Set aside 45 minutes every day to go through the list. Secondly stand out from the crowd on how you use your social media. While imitation is the best form of flattery quite honestly it is mind numbing when you see every PT posting the same thing. (Also while you look fabulous, we don't have to see half naked pictures of you every day!) Think about are you posting for you or your client? The way PT's can gain clients is changing due to Social Media, but the basics like talking to people and showing them how you can help still works.

Think about how your content can help - Some ideas:

  1. Basic Exercises they can do at home

  2. Recipes and cook along videos

  3. Supporting mental health techniques

  4. What have you done in your training today - could you share it for them to follow?

People want to know how you differ and before they part with (usually) a lot of cash, they want to know about you. It doesn't cost you anything, only your time.

At Circle Wellness Academy we offer business consultancy which is helping our students stand out from the crowd. If you'd like to know a little more please drop us a line.


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